Welcome to my introduction page!

  I am currently a 5th year student at the University of Calgary.  However, I am only in the 2nd year of my Bachelor of Arts for East Asian Language Studies.  Previously, I majored in drama studies, but after taking some Japanese language and Asian history classes as options, I decided to pursue a different field of study.

   Although I currently have four years of Japanese under my belt, I know that there is tonnes more for me to learn.  Mastering a language is a tough undertaking for anyone, and I am no exception.  I still struggle with making smooth conversation, listening comprehension, and vocabulary memorization.  To me, these are normal problems that I need to work on.  I sometimes volunteer as a teacher's assistant in the beginner level classes, because I understand these struggles from a personal standpoint.  Through that, I hope to be able to help others learn the language, whilst solidifying my own knowledge.

  I spend most of my free time playing online games, watching television, and on rare occasions writing fiction.  I don't watch much anime, but if I ever come across a good series, I can be sucked into it quite easily.  Despite my multitude of lazy hobbies, I have recently started trying to get more regular exercise to develop a good habit of healthy living (wish me luck!), and I also have developed a slight interest in learning how to cook (but I still suck!).

  For one of my Japanese classes, I wrote a 12-part blog about my interest in online games, and how things work in a virtual community.  It was a difficult, but rewarding challenge.  Of course, my sensei had to do a lot of editing on my grammar and vocabulary; an example of how I still have many things to improve upon as a language student.

You can find my topic on my sensei's blog at:仮想世界の英雄たち

While in Japan, I hope to visit many interesting places, make new friends, and improve upon my conversation skills.

I hope you enjoy reading my group's blog.


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