Jessica T (ジェシカ)

Hi Ppl!
Welcome to my Profile. =) Here are some facts that you may (or may not) want to know about me.

Major: Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting
Year: 3
Highest level Japanese taken: JPNS 333

  • Skating
  • Manga/Anime
  • Photography
  • Eating/Snacking
What I want to do in Japan:
There are 3 main things that I want to do.

             1. Visit the Pokemon Centre in Tokyo
    I’ve been a fan of Pokemon ever since I was very young. From the time when Ash was 10 years old in the Kanto Region till, him still being 10 years old in the Kalos Region. When I get there, I   would like to buy a life size Fennekin. (It’s gonna be expensive.)

2. Go to a Maid/Butler Cafe
    After reading manga about maids and butlers, I would like to go to a Maid/Butler Café to have the experience. ^_^ According to my friends, they all had a good time there and recommended me going also. I can’t wait. =D 

3. Photography and Snacking
    I like taking pictures and snacking, so I’ll probably do both at the same time. When in Japan, there is no point in making our own food. It’s way better to eat out and try out all the unique cuisines. I can’t wait to try all the food that I’ve seen in anime. ^_^

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