Hello, my name is Desmond, I am currently a 3rd year student in Computer Science at the University of Calgary and I'm planning  to do a concentration in Information Security.

I have lived in Calgary all my life and I have always wanted to study abroad. Since this will be the last year that I will be able to take the program I figured that I should take advantage of this great opportunity. I encourage everybody to go travel to the place they have always wanted to go at least once before starting work since  you will never have as much vacation time as you do when you're a student!

I have always liked watching anime while growing up and I decided to take Japanese as an option when I entered university. I would recommend taking any language class if you're interested in learning because you get to meet new people who also share your interests and it is also a great way to learn since you get to practice all the time.

I plan to do lots of sight seeing while im in Japan as well as lots of shopping since there are a lot of cool things you can buy over there that we dont have over here, as well as a lot of cheaper things that are pretty nice.

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